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The Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation (BSCF) was established in 1960 and is a general grant making trust. The Trust Deed of the Foundation allows the trustees to give to charitable causes at their discretion.

The aim of the trustees is to help raise the quality of life, particularly for those who are young, disadvantaged or elderly. Each year, grants totalling around £3 million are made to a wide range of charities.

Bernard Sunley PlaqueThe BSCF continues to be a family charitable foundation with the majority of trustees being family members, knowledgeable in their fields and dedicated to public service, supported by talented independent trustees.

In 2010, the BSCF celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. At that point it had distributed over £91 million in support of thousands of charities. The Foundation has since awarded over £114 million in grants.

The BSCF is a member of the Association of Charitable Foundations, the Charity Finance Group and the Foundations Forum.

Address  20 Berkeley Square, London W1J 6LH
Telephone  020 7408 2198

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